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Kendall Jenner spent a weekend in Aspen being swallowed whole by her Phoebe Philo shearling coat

Kendall Jenner
Photo Credit: IG @kendalljenner
What a world it would be if we could all just jet over to Aspen for the weekend, drink and promote our own tequila brand, and lounge around a soulless hotel in a shearling "hand painted" coat, whatever that means. But we're not all Kendall Jenner, are we? If you like being swallowed whole by your coat, then this is the life for you -- no judgment. What we do judge, however, is when a celebrity feels that an animal needs to be sacrificed for the sake of fashion. There are so many good faux-fur options there -- one of which we share here -- that there are really no good excuses at this point. Shame on Kendall and her stylist for this look.


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