Street Style

Elsa Hosk poses wistfully on the side of the road in a grey sweater and miniskirt look

Elsa Hosk
Photo Credit: IG @hoskelsa
With many celebs, you never quite know whether their Instagram posts are a true reflection of their life, or a partnership-driven fake-smile advertisement for whatever brand is willing to pay. Elsa Hosk, unfortunately, has become much more of the latter, with partnerships and staged photo-ops up the wazoo. Yes, let us stare wistfully into the distance while this haute couture handbag sits strategically in the foreground!

We're being a little tough on Elsa, but her fits are still amazing, and we'll forgive this blatant commercialism for an outfit this good. In this staged photo-op, Elsa's definitely got the red Hermes front and center, but is also featuring a lovely grey Helsa sweater and Khaite pleated mini skirt.
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