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Dixie D’Amelio shows us her tongue and her herringbone blazer

Dixie D’Amelio
Photo Credit: IG @dixiedamelio
This young 20-something has over 21 million followers but still makes Instagram posts like a teenager showing off to her friends. We suppose that's the appeal, but there's just so much more she can do on the fashion front. Pity. We actually don't mind the stylish herringbone blazer and oversized Tom Ford sunglasses, but we could do without the ridiculous pouting and tongue-wagging that is all the rage with the Gen Z set.

What's perhaps most disappointing is that Dixie's fan base are young women who certainly cannot afford the $1000 blazer that she's hawking (and certainly gets to wear for free), so why not model items that are a tad more within reach to your fans? The Nines will help out here, so we recommend checking out this herringbone Asos Design blazer. The quality and craftsmanship will not be the same as the Leo Season version, but we think fashion should be for everyone. So should Dixie.
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